Microsoft Office 365 – Questões sobre o programa Beta


Pessoal, segue um post muito interessante do blog do time do Office 365, sobre o programa beta. É interessante notar que o programa já está em funcionamento, e gradativamente eles estão fazendo as liberações.

Top 10 Questions – Beta Edition

By: Clint Patterson

Just one month ago, we introduced Office 365 to the world, and the response has been awesome.  We continue to see great press and analyst coverage, fantastic partner support, and amazing customer interest.  5,000 people ‘like’ Office 365 on Facebook, more than 4,000 follow Office 365 on Twitter, thousands more read this blog every day, and more than 60,000 organizations have signed up for the beta – roughly 2,000 per day.

With all the buzz, we’ve seen lots of questions about the beta process and when will ‘my’ account be activated. So we wanted to take the chance to answer some of the top questions help folks understand what to expect.

1) When does the beta start?

It has already started.  We are adding more organizations to the beta gradually over several weeks, so we’re always adding new testers every day.

2) Why is the beta limited?

There are lots of reasons, but two are really important:  First, we want everyone testing Office 365 to have a great experience, and second, we need to be able to test things like scalability and performance in a controlled environment.  Limiting the beta ensures we can do both.

3) Will there be a “public” beta?

We expect to be able to add more folks to the beta, but we don’t know when or how many just yet because we just started testing.

A public beta is something we always do for software products, but it’s not always necessary for cloud services.  With software, a public beta helps us test the near-infinite number of environments customers have, but with a cloud service, we have only one environment – our data centers.  So, with cloud services, we will often gate beta access, as we did with betas for BPOS, Azure and Intune.

4) How many people get into the beta?

We’re limiting the beta to just a few thousand organizations initially.  Each organization will be able to roll out 25 accounts.

5) If I’m registered for the beta, how do I know if I got in?

You’ll get an e-mail from us with your account credentials.

6) How are you determining who gets into the beta?

To start, you have to meet the requirements for the beta, like being in one of the thirteen countries and regions where it’s available.  Basic stuff like that.  After that, it is basically first-come, first served, but there are a couple of exceptions.  First, some early beta slots were allocated to existing customers who have been helping us design our cloud services.  We figure that’s the least we could do.  Second, we require a geographically diverse set of testers.  So, for example, if all the first applicants were in Hong Kong, we would eventually have to skip until we found the first applicants in Spain, Singapore and Germany.

7) Is the beta feature complete?

Not entirely.  While it is mostly feature complete, we are still adding new capabilities, as is the case with most betas.  Before we launch Office 365, we will add some additional capabilities, such as Lync Online capabilities from the newly released server, for example.

8 ) What happens if I have not gotten into the beta yet?

You’ll get a monthly e-mail from us with the latest status on the service until you get in or we launch.  We won’t forget about you, and you’ll be among the very first to learn when the service launches.

9) What should I do in the meantime? I really want to try out your service!

You can test BPOS with a free, 30-day trial right now (trust us, no wait list). BPOS combines Exchange Online and SharePoint Online with Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online (soon to be Lync Online).  You’ll be in pretty elite company – Volvo, DuPont, Godiva, GAP, GlaxoSmithKline, Energizer, Starbucks, Tyco, Rexel and thousands of others have chosen BPOS for their business today. And if you subscribe to BPOS, you can move to Office 365 when it launches next year. (For more details on that transition, check out our BPOS transition center.)

10) So, if I haven’t signed up for the beta already, should I even bother?

Yes.  Bother!  Signing up for the beta holds your place in line, so the fastest way to get into the beta is to sign up now.



Carlos Monteiro.


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